Executive education (EE) has been an established means for management education. However, due to the ever-changing business environment, progress in education technology, and new competitors, EE has been continuously evolving and can be expected to further change. Employing a three-stage international Delphi study, we identify a plausible scenario for the further development of EE over the next decade. The results suggest major changes for management training. The panel expects major shifts in teaching methods and curricula construction. Business schools are expected to increase content customization, to adapt delivery formats, and to enhance coverage of topical issues to better respond to leaders’ needs.


Tiberius, V., Hoffmeister, L., & Weyland, M. (2021). Prospective shifts in executive education: an international Delphi study, The International Journal of Management Education, 19(3), 100514, doi:10.1016/j.ijme.2021.100514.