In this study, we explore the development of equity crowdfunding (ECF) over the next 5 to 10 years by conducting an international Delphi study. Our results indicate that the ECF market is expected to grow significantly. However, it is unlikely to disrupt other forms of financing and will not cover all SME financing needs. ECF will remain a funding technique for SMEs and small investors; it is unlikely to attract large corporations or institutional investors. Platforms will impose stricter requirements for capital raisers, expand their services, and innovate their business models. National governments will probably partly liberalize the ECF market.


Tiberius, V., & Hauptmeijer, R. (2021). Equity crowdfunding: Forecasting market development, platform evolution, and regulation, Journal of Small Business Management, 59(2), 337-369, doi:10.1080/00472778.2020.1849714.