Design/methodology/approach: We employ a bibliographic coupling and literature review of the strategic entreprepeneurship research field.
Purpose: Strategic entrepreneurship depicts the nexus of strategic management and entrepreneurship, suggesting that firms can create superior wealth when simultaneously pursuing advantage-seeking and opportunity-seeking behavior. As the rapid growth in SE research led to a multidisciplinary, scattered, and fragmented literature landscape, we aim to structure this research field.
Findings: We identify and describe five major research streams with 15 sub-themes in recent strategic entrepreneurship research. Based on our findings, we propose an integrated research framework and research gaps for future research.
Originality/value: To our knowledge, this is the first review on strategic entrepreneurship based on a bibliographic coupling.


Schröder, K., Tiberius, V., Bouncken, R., & Kraus, S. (2021). Strategic entrepreneurship: Mapping a research field, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, 27(3), 753-776, doi:10.1108/IJEBR-11-2020-0798.