Laura Luther, Alexander Brem und ich vermessen in unserem soeben erschienenen Aufsatz die UX-Forschung bibliometrisch.


User Experience (UX) describes the holistic experience of a user before, during, and after interaction with a platform, product, or service. UX adds value and attraction to their sole functionality and is therefore highly relevant for firms. The increased interest in UX has produced a vast amount of scholarly research since 1983. The research field is, therefore, complex and scattered. Conducting a bibliometric analysis, we aim at structuring the field quantitatively and rather abstractly. We employed citation analyses, co-citation analyses, and content analyses to evaluate productivity and impact of extant research. We suggest that future research should focus more on business and management related topics.


Luther, L., Tiberius, V., & Brem, A. (2020): User Experience (UX) in Business, Management, and Psychology: A Bibliometric Mapping of the Current State of Research, Multimodal Technologies and Interaction (Special Issue: Understanding UX through Implicit and Explicit Feedback), 4(2), 18. doi:10.3390/mti4020018.