The sharing economy has received increased attention in entrepreneurship research, resulting in a complex research landscape that is hard to overlook. Using a bibliometric analysis, we aim to further synthesize the field by 1) summarising the most important definitions given by extant literature to capture the common understanding of the sharing economy, 2) identifying three thematic clusters based on the top 20 most cited publications, 3) conducting a citation analysis to show interdependencies between all authors, and 4) identifying the research methods used in the SE publications. Our results show) many definitions with different emphases, 2) conceptualisation, collaborative consumption/ownership and the disruptive character of the sharing economy as three dominant research clusters, 3) a fairly even citation practice allowing for unbiased future research, and 4) that conceptual publications and quantitative as well as qualitative studies are fairly evenly published.


Filser, M., Tiberius, V., Kraus, S., Spitzer, J., Kailer, N., & Bouncken, R. (2020). Sharing economy: a bibliometric analysis of the state of research, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing, doi:10.1504/IJEV.2020.10031491.