PhD candidates

Thank you for your interest in conducting your PhD research under my supervision! Due to almost weekly enquiries, I would like to give you some general information before you contact me:


  1. General information for PhD candidates at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at University of Potsdam can be found → here (currently only in German). Please also read the PhD regulations (“Promotionsordnung”).
  2. As an honorary professor, it is obvious that I supervise far fewer PhD candidates than a full professor/chairholder.
  3. You usually need a very good Master’s grade. If the overall grade of your Master’s degree is “good”, your specialization during your studies should correspond to your PhD research topic and your grades in that specialization should be very good. It is helpful if you already wrote your Master theses under my supervision and received a very good grade.
  4. I only supervise PhD projects in the fields strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation management, and technology management. You can get an impression of my research by studying my → publication list.
  5. You should already have a specific research idea for which you have identified an existing research gap. For a first contact, to find out if a collaboration makes sense, a brief outline/exposé of your research project is not absolutely necessary but certainly helpful.
  6. As I am no chairholder, I do not have a budget for academic staff and cannot provide a paid university position. Therefore, it is necessary that you have an external funding, for example, an industry employment or a scholarship.
  7. I only supervise cumulative PhD projects, i.e., the thesis consists not of one large monography but one or several articles that are published (or accepted for publication) in highly-ranked, double-blindly reviewed journals. The number of articles depends on the topic and the journal ratings.
  8. Therefore, you need very good English skills, at least at C1 level. This is probably the case if you wrote your Master thesis in English.