Wissenschaft|18. Januar 2023

Bibliometrische Analyse zu Entrepreneurship Education


Entrepreneurship education (EE) has attracted much scholarly attention, showing exponential growth in publication and citation numbers. The research field has become broad, complex, and fragmented, making it increasingly difficult to oversee. Our research goal is to organise and integrate the previous literature. To this end, we use bibliometric analyses, differing from prior analyses, which are outdated or have a different focus. Our results show an immense growth in publications and citations over the last decade and an almost equal involvement of business and educational research. We identify the most productive and influential journals and authors. Our co-citation analysis reveals two research clusters, one focusing on psychological constructs relating to EE, and the other on entrepreneurial behaviour and new venture creation. Based on a review of the 25 most-cited articles on an annual basis, we identify and quantify the most relevant research themes and integrate them into a research framework that we propose for future research. A major finding is that extant research centres around the outcomes of entrepreneurship education, whereas its pedagogy is still mainly a black box.


Tiberius, V., & Weyland, M. (2023): Entrepreneurship education or entrepreneurship education? A bibliometric analysis. Journal of Further and Higher Education, 47(1), 134-149, doi:10.1080/0309877X.2022.2100692.