Wissenschaft|23. Februar 2024

Delphi-Studie zu Entrepreneurship Education


Existing curricula for entrepreneurship education do not necessarily represent the best way of teaching. How could entrepreneurship curricula be improved? To answer this question, we aim to identify and rank desirable teaching objectives, teaching contents, teaching methods, and assess-ment methods for higher entrepreneurship education. To this end, we employ an international re-al-time Delphi study with an expert panel consisting of entrepreneurship education instructors and researchers. The study reveals 17 favorable objectives, 17 items of content, 25 teaching methods, and 15 assessment methods, which are ranked according to their desirability and the group consensus. We contribute to entrepreneurship curriculum research by adding a normative perspective.



Tiberius, V., & Weyland, M. (2024). Improving curricula for higher entrepreneurship education: An international real-time Delphi. Education Sciences, 14(2), 130. doi:10.3390/educsci14020130