Wissenschaft|24. Januar 2024

Review zu didaktischen Elementen der Entrepreneurship Education


Entrepreneurship education research has a strong “output” focus on impact studies but pays much less attention to the “inside” or process perspective of the way entrepreneurship education occurs. In particular, the scattered previous entrepreneurship curriculum research has not managed to provide a current and comprehensive overview of the curricular elements that constitute entrepreneurship education. To overcome this shortcoming, we aim to identify the teaching objectives, teaching contents, teaching methods, and assessment methods discussed in entrepreneurship curriculum research. To this end, we conducted a systematic literature review on the four entrepreneurship curriculum dimensions and collected all mentioned curriculum items. We used a two-stage coding procedure to find the genuinely entrepreneurship-specific items. Among numerous items (also from business management and other subjects), we found 26 objectives, 34 contents, 11 teaching methods, and 7 assessment methods that were entrepreneurship-specific. Most of these items were addressed by only a few scholarly papers.



Tiberius, V., & Weyland, M. (2024). Identifying Constituent Elements of Entrepreneurship Curricula: A Systematic Literature Review. Administrative Sciences, 14(1), 1. https://doi.org/10.3390/admsci14010001