Victor Tiberius

Potsdam beliebt bei ausländischen Forschern

17. November 2020

Die Universität Potsdam kommt auf dem Beliebtheitsranking für Forschungsaufenthalte bei ausländischen Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler auf Platz neun. Aktuell gibt es in Deutschland 424 Hochschulen, darunter 107 Universitäten, 6 Pädagogische Hochschulen, 16 Theologische Hochschulen, 52 Kunsthochschulen, 213 Fachhochschulen und 30 Verwaltungsfachhochschulen (Statistisches Bundesamt für Wintersemester 2019/2020). Das neue Hochschulranking der Alexander-von-Humboldt-Stiftung wertet aus, wie viele von…

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Neue Publikation: Business Model Innovation in der Gastwirtschaft während der COVID-19-Krise

26. Oktober 2020

Abstract: The hospitality industry worldwide is among the hardest-hit industries from the COVID-19 lockdowns. Initial theoretical and practical observations in the hospitality industry indicate that business model innovation (BMI) might be a solution to recover from and successfully cope with the COVID-19 crisis. Interestingly, some firms in the hospitality industry already started to successfully adapt…

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Neue Publikation zur Haute Cuisine

26. September 2020

Abstract: Haute cuisine, the cooking style for fine dining at gourmet restaurants, has changed over the last decades and can be expected to evolve in the upcoming years. To engage in foresight, the purpose of this study is to identify a plausible future trend scenario for the haute cuisine sector within the next five to…

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Deutschland auf Platz 3 im World University Ranking

19. September 2020

Deutschland ist mit 21 Universitäten hinter den USA und Großbritannien das dritterfolgreichste Land in den Top 200 im aktuellen „World University Ranking“ des britischen Magazins „Times Higher Education (THE)“. Das „THE World University Ranking“ gehört zu den renommiertesten Rankings, ist aber umstritten, weil es neben Statistiken und Analysen auch auf subjektiven Einschätzungen von Wissenschaftlerinnen und…

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Neue Publikation: Startup Leadership Development

18. September 2020

Abstract: Leadership development (LD) is a crucial success factor for startups to increase their human capital, survival rate, and overall performance. However, only a minority of young ventures actively engage in LD, and research rather focuses on large corporations and SMEs, which do not share the typical startup characteristics such as a rather young workforce,…

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Neue Publikation: Power and Contracts in Supply Chains

15. September 2020

Abstract: Today, firms pursuing a pioneering strategy are often engaged in supply chain relationships to benefit from external resources and to improve their innovation. However, this effort can be impeded by power asymmetries in such relationships and especially by the execution of coercive power by their partner firm. Contracts could potentially reduce this risk of…

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Neue Publikation: Opportunity Recognition

14. September 2020

Abstract: This paper provides an overview of the ever-increasing literature on opportunity recognition, with a focus on its antecedents and determinants. With a two-step research approach, a bibliometric analysis and a systematic literature review, we structure the current research in this field. By using bibliometric techniques, we analyzed 161 publications and, consequently, clustered the 30…

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Neue Publikation: Institutional Entrepreneurship

5. September 2020

Abstract: Institutional entrepreneurship comprises the activities of agents who disrupt existing social institutions or create new ones, often to enable diffusion, especially of radical innovations, in a market. The increased interest in institutional entrepreneurship has produced a large number of scholarly publications, especially in the last five years. As a consequence, the literature landscape is…

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Universität Potsdam unter den 300 besten Universitäten weltweit

2. September 2020

In der aktuellen Ausgabe des renommierten „Times Higher Education“ (THE)-Ranking positioniert sich die Universität Potsdam im Rangfeld 251–300 und belegt damit erneut einen Platz im vorderen Feld der inzwischen 1.527 gerankten Hochschulen aus aller Welt. Unter den 48 gerankten deutschen Hochschulen konnte sich die Potsdamer Alma Mater um eine Position verbessern und liegt auf Platz…

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Neue Publikation: Szenarien in der BWL

2. September 2020

Abstract: The scenario technique is widely used to cope with uncertainties and plan for alternate future situations. The extensive research led to a scattered literature landscape. To organize the field quantitatively, we conduct bibliometric performance analyses and a bibliographic coupling analysis. Results show an increased interest in scenario research since 2009 and clear distinctions between…

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Neue Publikation: Die Zukunft der Sozialen Medien

28. August 2020

Abstract: Over the past two decades, social media have become a crucial and omnipresent cultural and economic phenomenon, which has seen platforms come and go and advance technologically. In this study, we explore the further development of social media regarding interactive technologies, platform development, relationships to news media, the activities of institutional and organizational users,…

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Weitere Publikation zur Sharing Economy im International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing

22. August 2020

Abstract: The sharing economy has received increased attention in entrepreneurship research, resulting in a complex research landscape that is hard to overlook. Using a bibliometric analysis, we aim to further synthesize the field by 1) summarising the most important definitions given by extant literature to capture the common understanding of the sharing economy, 2) identifying…

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Neue Publikation zur Sharing Economy im International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research

19. August 2020

Abstract: Purpose: Quantitative bibliometric approaches were used to statistically and objectively explore patterns in the sharing economy literature. Design/methodology/approach: Journal (co-)citation analysis, author (co-)citation analysis, institution citation and co-operation analysis, keyword co-occurrence analysis, document (co-)citation analysis and burst detection analysis were conducted based on a bibliometric data set relating to sharing economy publications. Findings: Sharing…

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Review of Managerial Science auf Platz 25 bei CiteScore

24. Juli 2020

Bei dem Scopus CiteScore Ranking für 2019 hat das Journal „Review of Managerial Science“ den Wert 4.4 und damit Platz 25 von insgesamt 221 Journals im Feld „General Business, Management and Accounting“ erzielt. Quelle: Review of Managerial Science.

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Neue Publikation: Corporate Citzenship

30. Juni 2020

In dem Journal Sustainability strukturieren Alexander Kruggel, Manuela Fabro und ich das Forschungsfeld Corporate Citizenship. Abstract: Corporate citizenship, which is firms’ societal engagement beyond customer and shareholder interests, is a prominent topic in management practice and has led to extensive research. This increased interest resulted in a complex and fragmented scholarly literature. In order to…

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Neue Publikation: Dark Triad und Entrepreneurial Orientation

24. Juni 2020

Abstract: Numerous studies show that high levels of Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO) in firms positively influence firm performance. Yet, high levels of Dark Triad (DT) traits – narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy – of managers might work detrimental to EO. Our study empirically tests if top managers who score high on Dark Triad traits have a negative…

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Beiträge aus der Universität Potsdam zur Corona-Pandemie

12. Juni 2020

Erste Studie zum Umgang von Familienunternehmen mit der Corona-Krise veröffentlicht. Zur UP-Nachrichtenseite.

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Neue Publikation: Corporate Foresight und Dynamic Capabilities

2. Juni 2020

In unserer explorativen Studie verbinden Lisa-Marie Semke und ich die beiden Forschungsstränge auf der Basis von qualitativen Interviews mit Foresight-Experten. Abstract: Firms engage in forecasting and foresight activities to predict the future or explore possible future states of the business environment in order to pre-empt and shape it (corporate foresight). Similarly, the dynamic capabilities approach…

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Neue Publikation: Wie handeln Familienunternehmen in der Corona-Krise?

26. Mai 2020

Das von Sascha Kraus, Thomas Clauss, Matthias Breier, Johanna Gast, Alessandro Zardini und mir verfasste Paper „The economics of COVID-19: initial empirical evidence on how family firms in five European countries cope with the corona crisis“ ist heute im International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research veröffentlicht worden. Abstract: Purpose: Within a very short period…

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Review of Mangerial Science erhält Springer Nature Editorial Excellence Award 2020

26. Mai 2020

Der Award wird auf der Grundlage einer jährlichen Befragung der Autoren von Springer-Journals vergeben und beinhaltet die Bewertungen der Autoren zur Betreuung während des Review-Prozesses und der dabei erhaltenen Inputs zur Verbesserung der Papers. Der Preis wurde dem Herausgeber, Prof. Dr. Ralf Ewert (Universität Graz), zuerkannt. Das Journal „Review of Managerial Science“ ist das einzige…

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