5. September 2021

4000 m

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Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer

20. August 2021

La Liste 2020: 92%

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Neue Publikation: Sustainability Dynamic Capabilities in Family Businesses

18. August 2021

Abstract: Family businesses strive not only for economic prosperity but also for social and environmental values and achievements. In an ever-changing business environment, dynamic capabilities are required to sustain performance across these areas. To understand these mechanisms in order to proactively manage them, it is necessary to identify their specific microfoundations and uncover how these…

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Neue Publikation: Internet of Things in Business and Management

17. August 2021

Abstract: In coherence with the progressive digitalization of all areas of life, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a flourishing concept in both research and practice. Due to the increasing scholarly attention, the literature landscape has become scattered and fragmented. With a focus on the commercial application of the IoT and corresponding research, we employ…

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faelt Restaurant

3. August 2021

Neun Gänge, ein Michelin-Stern – empfehlenswert!

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Neue Publikation: Digitalisierung der Filmindustrie und Folgen für die Wertkette

9. Juli 2021

Abstract: Technological change and development have been ongoing in the motion picture industry since its beginnings some 125 years ago. What further advancements of digitalization can be expected over the next decade and what are its implications for the industry’s value chain? To answer this question, we conducted an international two-stage Delphi study. The results…

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Neue Publikation: Radikale Innovationen

9. Juni 2021

Abstract: The fast growing body of radical innovation research is fragmented and difficult to overlook. We provide an overview of the most cited journals, authors, and publications and conduct a bibliographic coupling to structure the literature landscape. We identified the following research clusters: management of radical innovations, organizational learning and knowledge, financial aspects of radical…

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Neue Publikation: Delphi-Studie zu Executive Education

24. Mai 2021

Abstract: Executive education (EE) has been an established means for management education. However, due to the ever-changing business environment, progress in education technology, and new competitors, EE has been continuously evolving and can be expected to further change. Employing a three-stage international Delphi study, we identify a plausible scenario for the further development of EE…

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Neue Publikation: Digitizing Grocery Retailing: The Role of Emerging Technologies in the Value Chain

11. Mai 2021

Abstract: Multiple emerging technologies both threaten grocers and offer them attractive opportunities to enhance their value propositions, improve processes, reduce costs, and therefore generate competitive advantages. Among the variety of technological innovations and considering the scarcity of resources, it is unclear which technologies to focus on and where to implement them in the value chain.…

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Neue Publikation: Aussichten für die Markt- und Plattformentwicklung sowie Regulation von Equity Crowdfunding

6. Mai 2021

Abstract: In this study, we explore the development of equity crowdfunding (ECF) over the next 5 to 10 years by conducting an international Delphi study. Our results indicate that the ECF market is expected to grow significantly. However, it is unlikely to disrupt other forms of financing and will not cover all SME financing needs.…

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