Literature review on entrepreneurial failure


Although entrepreneurial failure (EF) is a fairly recent topic in entrepreneurship literature, the number of publications has been growing dynamically and particularly rapidly. Our systematic review maps and integrates the research on EF based on a multi-method approach to give structure and consistency to this fragmented field of research. The results reveal that the field revolves around six thematic clusters of EF: 1) Soft underpinnings of EF, 2) Contextuality of EF, 3) Perception of EF, 4) Two-sided effects of EF, 5) Multi-stage EF effects, and 6) Institutional drivers of EF. An integrative framework of the positive and negative effects of entrepreneurial failure is proposed, and a research agenda is suggested.



Czakon, W., Klimas, P., Tiberius, V., Ferreira, J. J., Veiga, P. M., Kraus, S. (2022). Entrepreneurial failure: structuring a widely overlooked field of research. Entrepreneurship Research Journal, doi:10.1515/erj-2021-0328.