Bibliometric analysis on incubators


Business incubators hatch start-ups, helping them to survive their early stage and to create a solid foundation for sustainable growth by providing services and access to knowledge. The great practical relevance led to a strong interest of researchers and a high output of scholarly publications, which made the field complex and scattered. To organize the research on incubators and provide a systematic overview of the field, we conducted bibliometric performance analyses and science mappings. The performance analyses depict the temporal development of the number of incubator publications and their citations, the most cited and most productive journals, countries, and authors, and the 20 most cited articles. The author keyword co-occurrence analysis distinguishes six, and the bibliographic coupling seven research themes. Based on a content analysis of the science mappings, we propose a research framework for future research on business incubators.


Deyanova, K., Brehmer, N., Lapidus, A., Tiberius, V., & Walsh, S. (2022). Hatching start-ups for sustainable growth: a bibliometric review on business incubators, Review of Managerial Science, 16(7), 2083-2109, doi:10.1007/s11846-022-00525-9.