The coevolution of entrepreneurship and innovation


Both entrepreneurship and innovation play a key role for business growth and economic development and are conceptually highly intertwined. Both fields have received extensive attention that has resulted in a large number of publications. The aim of this work is to provide an overview on the coevolution of entrepreneurship and innovation over the last decades, with particular attention to recent research trends. To track the evolution at the intersection of both fields, we employ a bibliometric analysis, which allowed us to identify the key concepts, the backbone of research, and to provide a systematic classification of main research themes diagnosed including: 1) entrepreneurial innovation and digital transformation, 2) sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship, 3) product innovation and knowledge, 4) entrepreneurial orientation and leadership, and 5) regional entrepreneurship and innovation (innovative entrepreneurship and historical roots). The findings of this bibliometric review are reported in the form of a knowledge graph that represents the results obtained in terms of the knowledge base (key terms), knowledge domains, and knowledge evolution (themes and bursts), based on which themes for future research are suggested.


Alerasoul, S. A., Tiberius, V., & Bouncken, R. B. (2022). Entrepreneurship and innovation: the coevolution of two fields. Journal of Small Business Strategy, 32(2), 128-151, doi:10.53703/001c.29968.